The Static EP

by Zion Sleep Syndrome

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'The Static EP' is a prelude to Zion Sleep Syndrome's full length album, 'The Static and the Spark,' which is set to be released later this year. 'The Static EP' is the second album from Zion Sleep Syndrome and differs greatly from ZS Syndrome's first album, 'Midnight Daydream,' which was released in December 2014. Piano based and melancholic, 'The Static EP' reveals a lifelong struggle with Depersonalization through its dreamlike, emotional and eerie sound.

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released April 8, 2015

Candace would personally like to thank Jeffrey D. Martin for his assistance with mixing as well as his emotional support during the making of this album.



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Zion Sleep Syndrome Detroit, Michigan

Candace Chupko is Zion Sleep Syndrome. She released her first album in 2014,her first EP in 2015, which got her an interview on AlienXRadio, which lead to air play in the U.S & U.K. Months prior to the release of her latest album,The Wilderness,she released her second EP, Angels Among Humans.'in 2016.Candace writes,performs, records & mixes all of her own music. Click on the links below for more. ... more

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Track Name: The Daughters of Men
No lyrics
Track Name: Dark Skies
The paradoxal dissolving form/ A dream layering a dream layering a jilted ghost/ Fragmenting each thought upon the rusted wheel/ That ticks ceaselessly/ Treading always in the dislocated passing of time/ Time ( No one is coming to save you and it will always be at your back/ And it will be the thing to end you/ You can’t run from it/ You can’t hide from it/ No one can help you/ This is the end for you/ This is the end for you) I am merely a spectator/ Whose eyes have been shut behind the door/ Whose flicker and flame have been smothered out/ This encasement keeps my last imaginary breath/ Breath

℗ & © 2015’
Track Name: The Colloquy of Monos Manor
In a house/ Just down the street/ There lives a boy/ I’d like to meet/ They say he died/ In the 17th century/ But I’d like to try / To make him love me/ And sometimes I imagine what it must feel like to die/ And sometimes I imagine us/ Waltzing down the open aisle of a church/ beneath the ancient dirt/ beneath my finger nails/ Our souls they sail/ Then and back again/ Through lifetimes/ Through moon phases and sunlight/ In my heart/ A weak fading beat/ There lives a boy/ Who picks flowers for me/ He takes spare parts/ Reassembles the valves and things/ He occupies chambers/ He strengthens their strings/ And when I feel lonely/ We’ll meet in the hereafter/ And he’ll touch my face and I’ll remember/ We’re eternal forever/ I know I’m just dreaming, darling/ On the stars tonight/ Maybe I won’t have to dream forever/ I’ll meet you in another life

℗ & © 2015
Track Name: Through the Wringer
(You need to just undress from the waist down and someone will be in shortly/ Did they take your vitals/ Great/ What’s your name/ Date of birth/ Who’s your doctor) Tears fill my ears as my talons hook the table/ The smell of antiseptics and fluorescence are a staple/ In my lifestyle of ailments/ If you’ll undress from the waist down then we can begin/ Now my dear don’t be shy/ How many has there been/ Oh is it more than ten/ twenty/ Oh we’re sorry to report but you’re not responding to our treatment/ On the upside/ Delirium can be quite enlightening/ Wouldn’t you agree, Ms. Choopka/ It’s Chupko/ Spread your legs so I get paid/ You may feel a small pinch/ Cold speculum feels like a gun with this ‘white coat’ bitch/ Oh was that none compliant to say/ Paper gowns/ medication rounds and contrast dye from Dixie’s/ Lick my wounds so gloom and doom/ The sutures are quite itchy/ In my recovery from failures/ Hospital stays for days and days in starchy, stiff, cold beds/ I.V drips/ I’m opiate sick as my infection spreads/ To my blood/ Oh God sepsis/ Oh no/ We must apologize again/ See we don’t take your insurance/ But here’s a script/ If you take two a day you’ll be right as rain/ It’s the American way

℗ & © 2015
Track Name: Flatline
I need/ Help/ Quickly/ There’s no time to lose/ Lately/ I’ve been/ Confused/ These seas are foreign under native stars/ As the static moves toward the spark/ Like a lightbulb snapping out/ I too will go soon/ Like the night closing out the day/ I too must fade away/ They say/ It starts this way/ Then it’s/ Downhill from there/ I think/ I’m okay/ I’m just/ A little scared/ These shores we walked at night were once ours/ But the static must fly to the stars/ When the shadow dines on the day/ You too must come away/ Veils must lift when the curtains are drawn/ There are stars in heaven/ I was wrong

℗ & © 2015
Track Name: Quietly Breaking
We were weighed down/ Bending toward the open ground/ And I lifted my head/ To watch you fall from the ledge/ We were lost at sea/ Two hearts of stone/ Too blind to see/ That all that glitters is gold/ When our warmth/ Consumes our cold/ And you eased your grip/ Freed my hand/ Let me slip/ And I couldn’t breathe/ I just sank/ Quietly/ You looked away/ I couldn’t believe your eyes that day/ When you closed the door/ My heart it sank to the ocean floor/ Now I sing alone/ No melodies on my walk home/ No more your sigh your kiss/ All that dies must learn to live/ I’m no longer waiting/ I’m just here silently breaking

℗ & © 2015’