Midnight Daydream

by Zion Sleep Syndrome

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This album is the first full length album released by Zion Sleep Syndrome. It is a compilation of songs that contains elements of Post-Industrial, Trip-Hop, Shoegaze and World music. This dark and dreamy album contains 14 tracks and is 55 minutes long. Hard copies of this album are available for 5$ plus shipping. Contact Candace for more info at www.facebook.com/zionsleepsyndromemusic?ref=bookmarks


released December 9, 2014

All music, lyrics and vocal arrangements written and performed, mixed and produced by Candace Chupko, except for 3:35am: music written and performed by Scott Powell, Detroit: music written by Jim Byce and Sociopath: music written by Joseph Popiolek, with permission. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED . Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance & broadcasting of this record prohibited. ℗ & © 2014.



all rights reserved


Zion Sleep Syndrome Detroit, Michigan

Candace Chupko is Zion Sleep Syndrome. She released her first album in 2014,her first EP in 2015, which got her an interview on AlienXRadio, which lead to air play in the U.S & U.K. Months prior to the release of her latest album,The Wilderness,she released her second EP, Angels Among Humans.'in 2016.Candace writes,performs, records & mixes all of her own music. Click on the links below for more. ... more

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Track Name: Phantom Pain
Sever Amatory
Anatomy of the dawn
Labor pains of a
Fast and callow fall

Limbs tie cord
Hands break free
Limbs tie cord
Hands break free

It's all phantom pain X3

In sickness behavior
I pull you close
Push for play
Heart for holes

It's all phantom pain X4

All rights reserved. © 2014
Track Name: Detroit
I'm a specter baby
What's your name?
I come here often, mister
to score the same

If you want into what I'm sellin'
you'll have to play
I've got some to spare, my dear
But you'll have to pay

Don't let me fool you now
I'm a wild thing
Let me show you how
The birds and bees can sting

I'm a wild card X4

I know it's hot out, baby
Wanna see you sweat
If you'll come with, baby
I'll tell you my secret

It's a rough pill to swallow, honey
But you're doin' just fine
Let me take you to the alleys, baby
Behind the pines

I'm a wild card X4

All rights reserved. © 2014
Track Name: Devoured
Melodies that drape the open shore
Have led me here lifetimes before you

Chorus: You're the deep I'm longing for in this myth
An empty peace, devoured and sore, lost and missed

You make me laugh
I'll make you sing in tune
Our secret is safe
nothing's taboo this hour

And if you're comfortable in my cocoon

Chorus: You're the deep I'm longing for in this myth
An empty peace, devoured and sore, lost and missed X2

All rights reserved. © 2014
Track Name: Waltz for a Ghost
Sleep now, my dear
Let not your heart
Be troubled with fear

Magic is inside the walls
Waiting for you to knock
In this world there are no laws
For dreams are never what you thought
They're not

Deep within you lies the key
To a thousand mysterious stories
Don't fear the grave, my sweet
Nothing will end you when at last we meet

All rights reserved. © 2014
Track Name: Damned
My eyes are tombs if you get too close
These streets are vast and full of ghosts
Waiting for dawn to lick us clean
Can't wash or tear these sins off of me

We're damned
We are damned
I am not who you think I am
We're damned

(Go slow)
Go slow X2

I can't breathe in this echo of air
No need to look 'cause I know you're not there
I pray for peace, for my mind to be still
But nothing can burn the roots of my guilt

We're damned
We are damned
(go slow)
Go slow X3

All rights reserved. © 2014
Track Name: 3:35am
2:39 am
I'm still awake (I'm still awake)
Another endless night
I lie and wait
Darkened nightmares come
The demons feed
I try my hardest to run, but
I can only see your eyes
your eyes X4

Chorus: I'm only safe in your arms....arms

I'm still awake (I'm still awake)
Another endless fight
Another rape (another rape)
The nightmares descend
The demons draw near (draw near)
My soul is now dead
I won't feel safe in here
I see your eyes X3

Chorus X2

All rights reserved. © 2014
Track Name: Purity
I watched you for so long in the mirror
I know all your favorite songs and your fears
Just be a good boy, come along
And I'll be kind
Don't be afraid
It's just a vacation through my mind

I've watched you for so long breaking your back
For what?
Diamonds can't be rough forever, my love
And your shiver only makes me laugh

We'll sleep inside a cave inside the moon
Loving arms for a tomb
And you can never leave me
Oh I would love to see you try

It's the price I would pay
To watch you squirm
We'll tally Russian roulette
Under the stars
Now it's your turn

Just close your eyes
With all your cryin'
A blood bath avalanche
To say 'I love you'
I'll make it all go away
It's a good Valentine's Day

All rights reserved. © 2014
Track Name: Mona
She came to see me underneath a brilliant moon
In the hour of my loneliness I answered all she had asked
As conversation turned
I asked of her in return
And she made my soul take flight
All my dreams had harmed me
The devil raped again
And I could not understand
the confidence of all she said

The dreams had made me weary
My days lied long and sad
But still I keep on awaking
When listening drives me mad

Mona spoke of selfless
And insisted on a love
An engagement that her heart knew of
And I envied that

Mona she came to me speaking of a love I could not endure
Mona she spoke to me warning of a time in my soul

Mona she came to me speaking of a love I couldn't find
Mona she came to me warning of a place and a time

Many days had passed
I'm a shadow on the street
Walking towards a death
That no one else could meet
Mona came to me
Like an angel behind the scenes
And whispered in my ear
Of the things that she had seen

Devil, he had raped me
Glory to the ghost that had drained me
But Mona, she had saved me
Glory to the one who dared to speak

I forgot I was human X7
I forgot I was human
I forgot

All rights reserved. © 2014
Track Name: Sociopath
I burn my bridges
Erase the line
Push my limits
To test our time (test our time)
Watch the sunset
In my burning bed (burning bed)
Create a madness (madness)
A skin to shed (A skin to...)

Chorus: Ah Lovely release X2

Give me your heart
I'll take that too (All of you)
No need to isolate (isolate)
Or come unglued (unglued)
I need this way (your way)
It gives me home (gives me home)
I don't care for honey (laughter)
As long as I'm known

Chorus X4

All rights reserved. © 2014
Track Name: Guardian of the Dead
And goodnight
Mother's right
Beside you tonight

I'll protect you
From harm
And you will wake
Safe in my arms

Angels are near
Sleep now
Have no fear
Have no fear

All rights reserved. © 2014